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Book Forum on Weisenfeld's New World A-Coming

Emily Suzanne Clark

If you have not read or even just skimmed Judith Weisenfeld's recent award-winning (!) book New World A-Coming: Black Religion and Racial Identity in the Great Migration, get yourself a copy. The book is fantastic, and all this week our friends over at Black Perspectives will be running a forum on the book. That forum contains abbreviated versions of longer essays that will come out next year in the Journal of Africana Religion.

For more information on the forum and its contributors, click here. This morning Rhon Manigault-Bryant's contribution was published. Her essay introduces the book and the forum with a focus on "sometime between," meaning the agency of "the people who occupy less prominent spaces." Tomorrow the forum continues with comments from Danielle Brune Sigler, Tuesday will have a reflection from yours truly, Chernoh Sesay Jr's comments will post Wednesday, and Thursday's post will come from Tisa Wenger. On Friday Bl…

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